Right of withdrawal.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without specifying a reason for doing so within fourteen (14) calendar days, if no longer time-limit has been agreed, returning the product in its initial condition, without any fees or charges whatsoever to the consumer, except for transport charges. This deadline starts from receipt of the products. In case the consumer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, the supplier shall be obliged to return any money paid by the consumer within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer is only possible provided that:

  • It refers to a product for which NO individualized order was placed, e.g., rings or transformations.
  • The product has not been worn or used except for testing, no pieces have been removed from the watch straps, and no changes have been made to the jewellery.
  • All accompanying documents of the product, including guarantee, instructions for use, and receipt of purchase, have been returned.
  • The product has been sent inside its original package, as received.
  • An e-mail message has been sent to the following address: alexopoulosgold@gmail.com, with reference to the return and to the order code.

Refunds are only applicable for e-shop purchases and not store purchases.

Please note that we do not accept returns for seasonal products and no refunds are available for seasonal products and offers.